Dr. Oscar Belmonte Fernández

I am an associate professor with Languages and Systems Department at Jaume I University. I belong to the Institute of New Imaging Technologies also. My current main reach fields include Machine Learning and the Internet of Things.

Dr. Raúl Montoliu Colás

I am an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Senior Researcher at the Institute of New Imaging Technologies (INIT), both from Jaume I University. My current research interests include indoor positioning and indoor navigation, e-health, and machine learning in general.

Dr. Antonio Caballer Miedes

I am an associate professor at the Department of Developmental, Educational, Social Psychology and Methodology at Jaume I University. My current research fields include Active and Smart Aging, Active Assisted Living, Psychological and Behavioural Data and Loneliness and Social Isolation.

Emilio Sansano Sansano

I am an associate professor at the department of Engineering of Industrial Systems and Design, and researcher at the Institute of New Imaging Technologies (INIT), both from Jaume I University. My research interests include machine learning in general and deep learning in particular.

research staff

Arturo Gascó Compte

I am a student programmer from a Higher Technical Certificate. At this point in time I am an assistant researcher at the Departament of Languagues and Systems at Jaume I University.

Andrea Castillo Hornero

I am a graduate psychologist actually ending a Master in Clinical Psychology. I am working as a researcher in a Citizen Science project which merges Technology and Psychology. This project aims to develop an Artificial Intelligence tool that will improve elder’s quality of life.

phd students

Rubén García Vidal

I am a Project Manager at the Institute of New Imaging Technologies and now a Phd Student. I’m developing my thesis under the supervision of Óscar Belmonte about Hidden Markov Model related on e-health, Active Aging and Aging Well.

undergraduate students

Agustín López Riera

I am a Telecommunications Engineer from the UPC University, with a 20 years experience leading international and multinational projects in Telefónica, mainly in America and Europe. Prior to that, I worked 3 years in a satellite development project for the ESA ( European Space Agency). I am currently studying a degree in Psychology at Jaume I University.

Marcos Magni Mattoni

I am a student at the Informatics Engineering Degree at UJI. I have know different programming languages, and I have a special interest in functional ones.

Rubén Femenía Carrascosa

As a software developer, I have taken quite some time learning about the different languages on my own. Now that I have been given the opportunity to get involved in GIANT I will able to share my knowledge with my fellow researchers and gain new knowledge from them. I am a passionate programmer and a Software Engineering Student at UJI. I am used to working with Java, C++ and Python languages.


past group members


César Díaz. Undergraduate Students.

Alejandro Estaben Aicart. Undergraduate Students.

Guillermo Alaejos. Undergraduate Students.

Adrián Calomarde. Undergraduate Students.

Pilar Bayarri Iturralde. Research Staff.

Daniel Delgado. Internship.

Elías Martínez Sánchez. Internship.

Aitor Barrachina. Internship.

Alejandro Juan. Internship.


Abraham Benitez. Department grant.

Analía Boix. Internship.

Jose Manuel Pereles. Internship.


Alejandro Correa. Post doc.

Marina Granell. Internship.

Luis Alisandra. Internship.

Daniel Chia. Department grant.